Approved With Cancer

Unfortunately, these days cancer has become a way of life for most families.  Both Jason and RJ have had personal experiences with cancer; in their families, friends, and clients.  That is why MBI has made assisting those, and their families, diagnosed with cancer, a primary goal of the agency.  There are so many questions and situations that Jason and RJ have helped clients deal with during their experience as advisers.  Below are a few ideas and answers to assist you or a loved one get pointed in the right direction.  We would love to discuss in more detail any issues that you need assistance with.  As with our work with organ donors, all of our time and advice is free for those dealing with this horrible disease.


All insurance, but primarily life insurance, becomes for most diagnosed with cancer an idea that they should have considered sooner.  Don't wait, it may not be too late.  Please contact us immediately to discuss all the options that are still available to you!

Estate Planning

Regardless of whether or not you may have cancer, having a robust estate plan is an invaluable benefit to everyone.  It provides emotional relief, stability for the family, answers to difficult questions, and definitive results when they are needed most.

Financial Planning

Another hot topic, regardless of current health is financial planning.  However, developing a plan with an advisor who is keenly aware of some of the nuances for those with cancer is of the utmost importance.  Let us help you develop your plans today.