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Business Insurance

Let our team of professionals be your guide as you attempt to navigate the waters as a business owner.  Does your current liability coverages actually cover your needs?  Do the prices continually go up?  Before you get to your next renewal, give us the opportunity to earn your business.

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Small Business Solutions

As a business owner there is a plethora of options for both yourself and your employees.  Do you understand the tax benefits or implications of a 401k versus a SEP?  Do you offer ancillary insurance options to your employees to hopefully defray workers comp claims?  Schedule a consultation today so that we can help you determine what is best for both you and your most valuable resource!  

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Professional Liability Insurance

Since expanding into the brokerage space, MBI has identified an enormous number of profesionals who did not have adequate personal liability insurance to protect both them and their families.  If personal liability has not come up in current conversations with your insurance provider maybe its time to talk with someone new!