Reverse Mortgage - Financial Tool???

For years the idea of a reverse mortgage has been taboo to most people.  Financial advisors didn't discuss them with clients and clients were afraid they were losing their home.  Over the past handful of years, this stigma has started to change.  As well respected financial advisors, like Dr Wade Pfau, have conducted research into the benefits of reverse mortgages the mindset of advisors has started to shift.  Review the attached white paper by Dr Pfau which discusses the potential benefits of using a reverse mortgage line of credit.  The research that he completed is well documented and gives great insight to the potential usefulness of this tool.  As with any financial tool, it only has benefits when used in the proper situation.  Please consult myself or another advisor to determine if this tool might be beneficial to you.  If your current advisor isn't discussing all your available options with you those of us here at MBI would be happy to!

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