Organ Donation

After donating a kidney to his father-in-law, Kurt Benckendorf, Jason has decided that becoming a live organ donation advocate is one of the most important things he can do to give back to his community and those still waiting on the transplant list.  Please check out the information below and feel free to contact Jason or Kurt to find out more.


The Story

Back in 2002 Jason met Kara Benckendorf his future wife.  He quickly became close with her family which includes her father, Kurt, mother, Jamie, and sisters Kayla and Karly.  Jason and Kara started dating and soon decided to get married and start having their 5 children.                              

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Impact on your future

There is a lot of planning that should be done prior to donating an organ.  Things that even the doctors and nursing team don't prepare for.  Learn from the experience of both Jason and Kurt so that you are prepared in all the ways they were not. 

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Why be an organ donor

Signing up to be a donor after you pass is the first step.  However, donating as a living donor may be more beneficial to you and the recipient.  Check out this information, links, and local support and events.  See if live organ donation may be right for you.